Common Rail Injector

DENSO’s advanced common rail diesel fuel injectors are a reliable, powerful solution for providing diesel engines with the precise amount of fuel, at exactly the right time, and in the ideal condition for efficient combustion.

Common Rail Injector

How DENSO common rail injectors work

The diesel common rail system is now the most commonly used fuel injection system for diesel engines. First commercialised by DENSO, it enables the engine to have greater control over the pressure of fuel injection, leading to a more reliable and efficient combustion process.

After the fuel has been pressurised within the fuel pump, it is stored in the common rail system, also known as the accumulator, before being sprayed via the injectors into the combustion chambers. Each of these injectors can be adjusted within set limits depending on the required fuel pressure and timing for the delivery of fuel. Unaffected by the engine’s rotation speed, having multiple injectors available to send fuel to the engine at different pressures or times enables a greater level of flexibility in terms of the level of power, fuel consumption and emissions that are produced by the engine.

DENSO CR injectors group shot

Features and benefits

  • High fuel pressure and high level of injection precision.
  • Full control over fuel injection pressure, timing, rate and quantity.
  • Lower emissions and better fuel economy.
  • Lower noise levels and higher power output.
Advanced design
By measuring the injection pressure of fuel more accurately, common rail injectors can adjust the performance of the engine depending on the amount of combustion needed.
Optimum efficiency
Common rail injectors improve the efficiency of an engine’s performance by only delivering the right amount of fuel and injection pressure at the right moment required for combustion.

Types and characteristics

As a key part of the common rail system, there are injectors to suit many applications and vehicle types, all of which have key design elements and features.

Common Rail Injector types

Solenoid-type injector

Solenoid-type injectors control fuel injection by opening and closing the control valve with magnetic force, using a solenoid on the actuator.

Solenoid type injector
Piezo-type injector

Piezo-type injectors achieve faster responsiveness than solenoid types by using piezo elements on the actuators. Piezo elements work by converting changes in the voltage applied into expansion and contraction (displacement). A characteristic of piezo-type injectors is built-in piezo stacks that layer (stack) these piezo elements.

Piezo type injector


The advanced design of DENSO’s common rail injectors provides optimum efficiency and combustion performance, whatever your application or injector type.

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