Actuators & Resistors

To keep drivers and passengers comfortable, the HVAC system’s actuators and resistors need to run efficiently.

Actuators & Resistors

How they work

To make sure the right amount of cold and hot air enters the cabin, the HVAC system needs to run efficiently. High-quality actuators and resistors achieving this by controlling the flow of air into the cabin.

Actuators control the airflow within the HVAC system itself and help regulate the mixture of hot and cold air by sending it to the required position within the passenger cabin. Resistors have a similar function, but instead of controlling the temperature of the air, they control the power of the airflow via the cabin blower fan speed. This means the driver can easily adjust the speed of the blower fan according to their needs.

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Features and benefits

  • Manufactured to OE quality standards.
  • Trusted supplier of HVAC systems.
  • Easy to install with an exact fit.
  • Rigorously tested to meet high DENSO standards.
OE quality standards
Rigorously tested, designed and manufactured using years of HVAC expertise, our actuators and resistors are of OE quality and can withstand heavy shocks and vibrations.
Reliable performance
The high quality of our HVAC components means they can operate journey after journey without damage or wear, so drivers and passengers stay comfortable for longer.
Trusted manufacturer
Over 59.5 million operating vehicles feature original DENSO resistors and actuators. This is a mark of our product quality and the trust OEMs place in us as a market leader.

Types and characteristics

Designed for a range of different applications and model types, our actuators and resistors are all manufactured to OE quality standards.

Actuators & Resistors types


Our actuator range always stays valid, with the regular addition of more OE-quality part numbers. This means there is greater vehicle coverage than ever.

DENSO Actuator

To meet the needs of even more car models and drivers, we continually add resistor part numbers to our thermal range.

DENSO Resistor


Actuators and resistors are key parts of the HVAC system and should not be neglected. It is important to select high-quality components to keep the in-cabin climate comfortable and temperate.

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