To keep refrigerant moving and performing its function in A/C systems, evaporators need to perform effectively and reliably.


How evaporators work

The evaporator performs the opposite function to a condenser within the A/C system. The evaporator absorbs the heat from the outside, warm air, while the condenser dissipates this heat to the outside air. To cool down the (outside) warm air before it moves into the car’s cabin, the air is ‘pushed’ through the cold evaporator fins. Inside the evaporator flows low-pressure, low-temperature liquid refrigerant (mist), which changes state to gaseous refrigerant by absorbing this heat from the warm outside air.

The vaporized refrigerant is then sucked into the compressor, compressed further and transported to the condenser, where it changes state to liquid by dissipating heat to the outside air. The liquid refrigerant then travels to the expansion valve and back to the evaporator. This process is called the refrigerant cycle.

Features and benefits

  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Compact, efficient design.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Suitable for a range of applications.
Reliable performance
Using our years of A/C manufacturing and design experience, we’ve developed a compact evaporator design that is efficient and reliable.
Durable design
Each of our evaporators is specially coated to prevent corrosion and the build-up of harmful bacteria and bad smells within the HVAC system.
Range of applications
We work with most of the world’s biggest car makers and have developed evaporators for a wide range of applications.

Types and characteristics

Types and characteristics As a market leader in the development of A/C systems, our aftermarket range offers several different types of evaporators to suit the widest possible range of vehicles or applications.

Evaporators types

Multi-tank super-slim structure (MS Type)

The MS-type evaporator was the first aluminum evaporator, developed as R134a-type refrigerant became the industry standard. By inserting an inner fin between two plates, an intricate flow path is created to provide superior heat transfer performance in a more compact design.

Diagram multi tank super slim evaporator
Revolutionary super-slim (RS Type)

Today, the RS-type evaporator is becoming more and more common. By using a combination of micropores and short fins within the tubing, a much thinner body is created with no drop in thermal efficiency and is therefore much more compact and lightweight due to streamlined core component materials.


To ensure the heat exchange process always functions reliably, DENSO evaporators are designed and manufactured to the highest quality to provide long-lasting performance.

Catalogues and leaflets

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Fault finding

Motorists should get their A/C system checked by a professional whenever they notice a difference in cooling performance. Regular maintenance of the A/C system will reduce the risks of costly repairs and ensure trouble-free operation.