AC Compressor Oil

Keeping the A/C compressor lubricated with high-quality oil is essential to ensure it runs smoothly and reliably.

AC Compressor Oil

How A/C compressor oils work

The A/C compressor is a key component of the air conditioning system. It transports the refrigerant through the A/C system by compressing gaseous refrigerant. DENSO compressor oil keeps the A/C compressor lubricated, ensuring it itself stays cool and friction-free so it can continue to perform under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. The oil also ensures that the rubber seals in the refrigerant lines and connections are protected, preventing the likelihood of leaking or damage. To fulfil this function, compressor oil needs to have superior physical properties, such as temperature and pressure resistance.

It is also important that the correct type of compressor oil is used on the component. Garages should only use oil that has been approved by the car or compressor manufacturer and avoid mixing different oil types and universal oils to ensure high performance and prevent part damage.

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Features and benefits

  • Uniquely formulated for best performance.
  • High-quality base oil and additives used.
  • Double end-capped for excellent molecular stability.
  • Best properties and chemically inactive.
  • Thermally stable and a high viscosity Index.
High performance
Developed by a global specialist, our A/C compressor oils have superior refrigerant miscibility and lubricity properties. Their material qualities include thermal stability, moisture absorption and high viscosity index.
Unique formulation
Our PAG base oil is uniquely formulated to provide high performance. A high-quality alcohol (R-OH) combined with a specific chain structure of ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) components makes our ND-oils some of the best on the market.
Reliable and stable
Most PAG oils are single end-capped. Our ND-oil 8 and ND-oil 12 are double end-capped, meaning they are more chemically stable, non-reactive, and provide reliable performance.

Types and characteristics

Produced by global specialist Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., ND-oil 8 & ND-oil 12 have been developed under the strict requirements of DENSO Thermal Systems.

AC Compressor Oil types

ND-oil 8

Long-lasting, PAG 46-type double end-capped oil formulation for R134a-type refrigerant compressors.

ND oil 8
ND-oil 12

In order to provide the most advanced service on the market, our new compressor part numbers are pre-filled with ND-oil 12, which has extra additives specially for the R1234yf refrigerant, but can also be used with vehicles using R134a type refrigerant.

ND oil 12
ND-oil 11

Produced by another global specialist, ENEOS Corporation. ND-oil 11 is also produced to the strict requirements of DENSO Thermal Systems.

ND-oil 11 is a POE oil, specific developed for use in DENSO electric driven scroll compressors, which are used in hybrid and electric vehicles. This oil has high insulation properties, as the electric motor of the compressor is cooled by the refrigerant and oil mix.

ND oil 11


The unique formulation of DENSO’s base oil means they deliver the exact physical properties our AC compressor needs to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

Catalogues and leaflets

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Safety Data Sheets

Якщо ви працюєте з оливами DENSO для кондиціонерів, будь ласка, дотримуйтесь інструкцій з безпеки.

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