Pressure switches & sensors

Pressure switches ensure A/C components are not damaged when put under high or low pressure.

Pressure switches & sensors

How pressure switches and sensors work

Pressure switches and sensors are used to detect the pressures inside the A/C system and output a signal to protect the A/C system against under- and over-pressure situations. A pressure switch outputs an on/off signal, while a pressure sensor usually outputs a voltage change. Pressure sensor outputs like PWM or LIN are also possible. DENSO A/C components are rigorously tested and manufactured to ensure they can withstand these changes in pressures and temperatures.

Features and benefits

  • Ensure reliable A/C operation.
  • Effectively protect other components.
  • Reliable and durable performance.
  • Available for a range of A/C systems.
Precision engineered
We’ve developed and manufactured our pressure switches and sensors using our many years of expertise and knowledge to ensure they protect the rest of the A/C system effectively.
Efficient operation
Working as part of the whole A/C system, DENSO pressure switches and sensors keep components safe without restricting operational efficiency.
Reliable performance
Each component in our A/C system is extensively tested to ensure it can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of repeated operation.

Types and characteristics

To make sure the pressure switches and sensors fit specific vehicles and applications our aftermarket range offers a range of different components.

Pressure switches & sensors types

Pressure switch

Pressure switches can be classified into ‘dual switches’, which detect both abnormally high pressure and abnormally low pressure in one switch, and ‘trinary switches’, which combine a dual switch with a pressure switch for the electric fans.

Pressure switch
Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor detects refrigerant pressure (high-pressure side) in the refrigeration cycle, and either outputs a voltage change, a PWM signal or a LIN signal. The pressure sensor is located between the condenser and the expansion valv


DENSO pressure switches and sensors are engineered to OE quality standards to ensure they can protect A/C components efficiently.

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